How Technology Has Had an Impact on the Travel and Tourism Industry

Discovering a computer system or smart phone in somebody’s home or hand is not unexpected and in reality it is not unexpected to see somebody holding 2 or 3 cellular phone. What many individuals might not have considered is the way these gizmos have changed, permanently, the way we work and move. A case in point remains in the travel market.

How Booking Was

Ten years back, you needed to go to an airline company or travel company to spend for your ticket and having one was needed if you were going to be enabled to board an airplane (at least when it comes to set up flights).

Online Booking

Nevertheless, today things are very different. You can schedule your flight and spend for your ticket from the convenience of your workplace or home, as long as you have a computer system with web gain access to. You can now even select your seat on the flight you are taking and check in for your flight once again from your computer system. You do not need to worry any longer about losing your valuable air ticket and needing to spend for another one to be re-issued. You can printout your ticket from your workplace or in your home or anywhere a printer is offered.


Technology has also changed the way business is carried out in the travel market, permanently. Before trip business made pamphlets and business cards which were used to market the company’s services in your area and worldwide. Now with the existence of the around the world web, it is possible to reach markets throughout the world at very little expense, day and night. You can promote your company’s services using a website which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by anybody browsing the around the world web. This also means you can have your company functional 24 Hr a day. The other benefit is that advertising expenses are minimized considerably as the info you put out on the internet can be seen by millions at very little expenses. Making use of social media like Facebook and Twitter means you can get customers responses to your services instantly.

Business to Customer Relationship

Technology has also closed the space in between the customer and the company. Now that an individual can reserve and purchase their own ticket on their computer system, reserve hotel lodging as well as book a trip online it means they can straight access these services from the company. It is now possible to browse the web and using online search engine like Google, do a look for the least expensive air ticket or hotel lodging instead of counting on a middle man to do this for you. This has made traveling more affordable for the customer.

The other question that develops is whether in particular circumstances people even need to take a trip. With the accessibility of technology like web and video conferencing it is now possible to convene and close business offers with anybody throughout the world without needing to leave the office complex hence conserving business countless dollars in travel expenditures.

Also there is the element of traveling from the convenience of your chair. You can now go on the internet and take a virtual trip of the place you wish to check out.