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We produce custom-made journeys to over 80 locations throughout the world


Benefitting local people, locations and the natural world

Wherever we can, we use local people and organizations as our partners in locations. Not only do we feel this provides you the best experience, it also brings advantages to local neighborhoods. The advantage also spreads out even more. Local people are encouraged to protect what brings in visitors, be it the culture, wildlife or environment. On the other hand, we actively prevent ‘traveler traps’. There’s plenty you can do on your journey, from recycling to being culturally delicate, along with being our ‘eyes and ears’ for the excellent, and not so excellent.

We’re devoted to making your journey have a favorable result on the location you’re checking out. We also wish to guarantee that the way we run Freckles in the Fog workplaces is socially accountable and eco-friendly.

What we’re dedicated to:

Using in your area owned, and ecologically and socially accountable, lodging anywhere possible.

  • Choice for in your area owned partners in our locations, and using local guides and chauffeurs.
  • Fair earnings and conditions for all staff associated with your journey.
  • Wild and domestic animal security together with wider great ecological practice.
  • Motivating community-led efforts from craft stores to dining establishments, homestays to wildlife defense.
  • Supporting a variety of on-the-ground charities and jobs that work within our locations. We also pick an individual job as our Charity of the Year.
  • Supporting carbon decrease, consisting of offsetting our own research journey flights and motivating you to offset yours.
  • Being eco-friendly in our own workplaces such as motivating biking to work, car sharing, recycling, decreasing energy use and using planet-friendly cleansing items.
  • Motivating our staff to be associated with charity and fundraising tasks.


Charity and philanthropy

We’re eager to give something back and support a variety of social and ecological charities and jobs all over the world through contributions, consisting of fundraising by Freckles in the Fog staff. We also have a charity of the year supported by fundraising from staff and customers.

Since 2000, Freckles Foundation has actually assisted more than one million people reconstruct their lives after natural catastrophe or dispute has actually left them homeless. Freckles Foundation materials emergency situation shelter and important tools for households who have actually lost everything, through their Freckles Foundations Tools. Geared up with these emergency situation products, households can begin to fix their houses and reconstruct their lives quickly. The charity provides help to a few of the most remote neighborhoods worldwide.