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Travelling the Freckles in the Fog Way

We work to the concept that the best guidance is substantiated of personal experience, which is why we explore our locations time and once again


What makes the distinction when you take a trip the Freckles in the Fog way?

We hang around travelling each year to top up our understanding and find new surprise gems, remain in the lodging and meet our guides – much of whom are firm good friends. For you, this means:


Lodging with character

With us, where you stay is quite part of the experience. Wherever possible we pick characterful lodging to match your budget plan, which we’ve personally located and go to regularly.


Professional guides

Only the most skilled guides will show you around, who’ve been chosen by us or our local partners.


An option of transportation

We’ll pick the best methods for you to take a trip, depending upon your schedule, budget plan and tastes. We’ve taken a trip most paths ourselves and know all the options: roadway, rail, air and water.


Peace of mind

While you’re away, you will remain in the capable hands of our partners and you can speak with us on an unique number manned 24 hours every day.


Extensive travel organizer when you book

Before your journey, we’ll send you your travel organizer. It has the day-by-day information of your journey and all sorts of additional details, from our dining establishment suggestions to driving guidelines and we consist of notes on the culture of the nation where you’re travelling, to assist you maximize your time here.